Test the rule-based KAEPS system

This rule-based KAEPS system is older than the other one. This system will be better for those who are not familiar with OT (Optimality Theroy) and who want to know which phonological rules are applied to the result. Unlike in "OT-based KAEPS" system, however, the result of Korean-accented English is not based on my experiment but just based on some literatures.

You may type any English words, phrases or sentences under 100 characters. (For example, "Pick me up at nine o'clock," "Stop it", "Good morning", "Look at yourself", etc.) Numbers, punctuation or words which are not stored in the CMU dictionary will be ignored.

The result will be displayed in another window, which will be popped up at your first trial. It might take some time to run the program, so please be patient. While waiting for the result, you may want to visit other sites related to the KAEPS system which are listed in the left window. Please, don't forget to come back to this testing site and test other examples.

Happy test!



If you have any question or suggestion, please feel free to e-mail me.

[last updated January 08, 2001]
Hyouk-Keun Kim